Darul Atfaal

Darul Atfaal (weekend madrasah)

Darul Atfaal was established in 2011 by Moulana Abdul Wahhab.
Currently Darul Atfaal have Upto 120 students studying on the weekends (9:30 am – 12:30pm).
Darul Atfaal has its set principals to cater for the students in the most effective way.
During the 3 hours the following lessons/topics are taught by qualified and experienced female teachers (for the girls) and male teachers (for the boys):

  • Qaaida
  • Qur’aan
  • Hadith
  • General Islamic Studies

Supplications with Coinciding Practices of Mohammad (saw)
>Arabic Handwriting
>Conversational Arabic (classical).

Classes consist of maximum 13 students per class and are set out according to the same age.

For more information please contact Moulana Abdul Wahhab.