About Us


Plashet Grove Masjid officially known as Markaz Ud Dawat Wal Irshad was established in 1986

It all started with the commendable efforts of the late Haji Vali Adam (May Allah shower blessings on him) who established the 5 daily prayers in congregation in a shop on Katherine Road when the number of Muslims grew in the local area.
Through his efforts, the daily congregational prayers was a great success and as more Musallees attended, the need to move to a bigger Masjid to accommodate the congregation was greatly needed.
Through the generous donations of the Musallees and other sources, we were able to purchase a bicycle shop on Plashet Grove where the Masjid stands today.
Over the years, a Madressa was established for young children and once again the need to expand arose.
Alhamdolillah again with generous donations from the local Musallees we were able to buy a warehouse that sat under the Bicycle shop.
Now the capacity was huge and attracted more and more Muslims to the area.
In 2010 the Masjid acquired the shop next door to the Masjid.
Then in 2011, refurbishment started to form the current beautiful purpose built building we have all come to know as our Masjid

Purpose & Vision:

Our sole purpose is to serve the local community where Muslims can find a focal point to carry out their Islamic requirements & develop their Islamic knowledge.

Our vision is to develop the Masjid to become a one stop shop for the Muslim & wider community including other faith communities to develop and practise the beautiful religion of Islam.
We also aim to provide a personal service in answering questions relating to Islamic issues encountered by people on a day to day basis via email and phone services.

We humbly request your Duaas that Allah guides us in our quest to achieving our aims.