Syria Convoy Information

In Sha Allah, one of our Musallees, Bilal Mulla will be embarking on a trip to Syria to transport much needed aid to the people of Syria.

We urge people to donate generously and May Allah reward you in abundance.

Message from Brother Bilal:

I will be personally going on a convoy to Syria leaving on Thursday 17 October 2013Inshaa Allah.

Alhamdulillah, without the help of Allah and then the Ummahs donations we would of never have reached this stage.

One of our priorities on this mission is to invest in a bread factory inside Syria. The bread factory will produce over 100,000 loaves a day to feed our needy brother, sisters and children.

This is the hardest time our Ummah has gone through in decades. The problems in Syria are unbearable to see, and very difficult to write about or explain.

Therefore my dear Ummah, we must ask you and you must find a way to give. Allah knows how crucial your actions are and if given with the right intention what ajr is waiting for you. Words are not enough. So, we have fallen short of our total of £35,000.

Please help us to help our Ummah. Your donations are welcome in the form of Zakaat and Sadaqah and I can distribute your money personally to who you want In Sha Allah.

Give and Allah will forgive.
JazaakAllah khair wa Barak Allah feekum.
Your brother Bilal Mulla

Donations Information:

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